Getting a new HVAC system? Ask for your Cal Energy report.

Why get a Cal Energy report?

Nearly half of all home energy use goes to heating and cooling. The State of California requires newly installed or replaced HVAC systems to be permitted and independently tested for proper operation and efficiency by a HERS Rater.

Working with the State of California, Cal Energy operates the online verification platform where HVAC contractors, HERS Raters, and others upload information related to HVAC replacement and other residential building projects.

A Cal Energy report summarizes the performance of your new HVAC system and is available to your HVAC contractor at no cost once all State of California energy code requirements have been met. Ask for your Cal Energy report!


A permitted, properly installed, and HERS inspected HVAC system lowers home energy costs and protects your home’s resale value.


A Cal Energy report ensures your new HVAC system has been independently tested by a HERS Rater and is operating efficiently. This translates to lower utility bills and a more comfortable home.


HVAC system replacements must comply with California Building Code, requiring a building permit and independent HERS testing. A Cal Energy report ensures your new HVAC system meets State of California requirements.

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